are you ready for the challenge?

Cloisters Challenge

What and when?

9 October

Experience a glimpse into the challenges and struggles Homeless and vulnerable people experience on a daily basis 
Throughout the event there will be CRB cleared, first aid trained male and female organisers to help if required 

What happens on the night 

We have prepared an itinerary for you so you know what to expect throughout the event:

The itinerary will be updated as changes occur.

To make the experience as enjoyable as possible please make sure you arrive at the cathedral fully prepared! Here's a list of items which we recommend bringing  

What to bring

  • Sleeping bags/blankets

  • Cardboard, camping mats or camp bed to sleep on - the floor is the coldest place! (inflatable air beds are not recommended)

  • Warm, comfortable clothing to sleep in - wear lots of layers - the warmer the better.

  • Extra padding for your head - pillow or spare jumper?

  • Gloves and hat - to sleep in.

  • Earplugs! It can be surprisingly noisy!

  • Torch/mobile phone/ipod/headphones

  • Please leave your valuables at home!

  • Please do not bring alcohol and there is no smoking (including e-cigarettes) permitted at the event.

cloister challenge pictures

Cloister challenge

Friday October 9th 2020

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