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On Friday,24 March 2023 join us in experiencing an unforgettable night by sleeping in the Cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral and raise much needed funds for Homeless and Vulnerable people in Gloucester and it's surroundings. 

HaVinG (the charity for Gloucester), friends and community of Gloucester are all coming together and taking part in the Challenge. We're asking for your support and presence. 

Click here to see just what we have managed to do with the funds already raised - and thanks to all who have supported the Cloister Challenge

The Cloister challenge

"I finally fell asleep around midnight only to wake up at about 1.00 am, the cathedral was quiet and dark and i lay there and started to think.

I was, I hate to admit, scared, disoriented and cold. Because i was tired and cold, I had a little cry and got thinking what life would be like for any person and especially parent to be on the streets.

I have never thought of the homeless in this way or given any serious thought to what it would be like to sleep rough. You have opened my eyes"

You can help raise essential funds for homeless and vulnerable people in the City of Gloucester and the local area by joining us for the Challenge or making a donation.